Consenso alla privacy

+-1 Confidentiality policy

Website (“Website”) respects the rights of all visitors and users, and
honours confidentiality of any specified information. Website administration
(“Administration”) appreciates your confidence and is obliged to protect all information
provided by users.
Specification of any information on the website certifies your acceptance
of the data processing and transfer of personal data to administration of the website, as well as to the partners, ensuring the fulfilment of the services
provided on the Website (“Service Suppliers”). The purpose of the personal data processing
is the provision of vehicle reservation services in the Internet by means of the Website

+-2 Storage and Use of Cookies

Storage and use of user temporary files (“Cookies”) is conditioned by high-quality service on
the Website and provision of relevant information to the visitors and users of the Website.
We do not store any personal information or personal data in Cookies. Website, Website
components, e-mail messages and any advertisement on the Website have limited access
to Cookies in order to ensure high-quality service and support of services, and to identify
the repeated visits to the Website and user's navigation on the Website.

+-3 Contact Information

We use contact information in order to identify the user of the Website personally and to
resolve any issues related to the reservation, as well as to provide useful information on
the provided services in case of the confirmation of such need by the user.
In case of new comfortable, relevant or recommended options for users and visitors of the
Website, the Administration may inform about such options, using the specified contact
information on the Website.
Administration keeps the rights to use the information of users of the Website for ratings
and feedbacks.

+-4 Secure Payments

Administration guarantees secure, protected payment process and the execution of any
monetary transactions on the Website. Data on the payment instruments is collected, sent,
stored, processed and confirmed by the scripted security servers that have been designed
for storage of the payment information. These servers are protected from any
unauthorized access.
Only authorized administrators and Website managers, who are legal employees of the
Administration, have access to your personal information.

+-5 Newsletters and Notifications

You can unsubscribe from any newsletters and notifications that are provided by the
Administration of the Website, except for notifications of reservation and confirmations of
the process of obtainment of the Website services and execution of payment (“System
Notifications”). The Administration keeps the rights at its discretion to include in the System
Notifications any relevant information that is useful to user or visitor of the Website.

+-6 Restrictions on the Use

As part of security policy, it is prohibited to use any devices, software, technical procedures,
directly or indirectly, for interference or attempts to interfere or affect the operation of the
Website, to obtain personal information, information of other users or Suppliers, except for
the use of official software to access the Website, which has been provided and confirmed
by the Administration.

The administration keeps the rights to modify or amend the confidentiality policy, as
well as the storage policy of Cookies and their structure, to ensure the highest
quality of services.

In case of recall of the storage and processing of your personal data, we will remove them
within 30 days.