+-1 Access to the Website

1.1 Website usage

By visiting and using the Website, you agree to comply with all the Terms of Use and
Confidentiality, and Safety Policy (“Confidentiality”). If you do not agree with at least one of
the rules specified in the Terms, please do not use the Website and services available on
the Website (“Services”). These Terms are applied to any reservation and access to any type
of information on the Website. Terms of local Providers providing Services on the Website
may also contain additional exclusions and individual liability limitations

1.2 Website Administration

Website Administration (“Administration”) keeps the rights in its sole discretion to amend,
modify or otherwise change the Terms and Confidentiality at any time. These amendments
and/or modifications enter into force immediately after posting them on the Website. The
Administration does not inform users and visitors of the changes individually. Make sure
that you have read the latest available version of Terms and Confidentiality on the Website
before using the Services.

+-2 Common Terms

2.1 Part of use of the Reservation Service

As part of use of the Reservation Service, Administration provides receipt of payment and
issue of voucher for the vehicle rent of the company - third party (“Supplier”), indicating the
exact and correct data of the rent and payment of the voucher, which you must show to
your Supplier. Voucher is not a rent agreement, and upon reception of transport you have
to sign a contract or agreement with the Supplier specified on the voucher.
You can find the terms of the agreement concluded with the Supplier at the time of use of
Services and vehicle reservation on our website.

2.2 Additional options

Additional equipment such as child seat, GPS, snow chains ect. are all on request and
subject to availability. They will be charged for locally and may be subject to airport fees and
local taxes as applicable. The reservation and additional services cost can be specified in local
currency. The Supplier may also collect an additional hourly fee for rent services.

+-3 Reservation Process

Upon reception of the reservation, our operator contacts the Supplier to confirm the
reservation. Upon confirmation of your reservation, the Website will send you an email
with a voucher that confirms a successful reservation. Voucher will be sent within 10
minutes up to 48 hours. Please note that in case of unforeseen circumstances, reservation
confirmation may take longer time.

If you confirm reservation less than 2 days prior to the car rent, a voucher can be sent to
you 10 minutes before the commencement of the rent, and you should guarantee timely
printout voucher for submission to the Supplier at the time of reception of the vehicle.

In order to avoid difficulties during the reservation process, You are kindly requested to
make sure that reservation date, country, location, rent time, flight number, arrival time
and vehicle reception time are valid.

+-4 Amendment and Cancellation of Reservation

4.1 Reservation Cancellation

Cancellation of the reservation is possible by phone and e-mail If you cancel the reservation less than 2 hours prior to
inception of rent, the advance payment will not be refunded. If you cancel the reservation
2 hours (or more) prior to inception of rent, no additional fee is charged. Refund of
prepayment shall be made within 7 days, it may take longer time in case of unforeseen

4.2 Amendments

No additional fee is charged for amendment of the reservation before pick-up time. In some
cases you will need to cancel the reservation and create a new reservation on the
Website. We do not guarantee that the Supplier will confirm your changes.

4.3 Early vehicle return

In case if rent has already started and you want to return vehicle earlier than stated in your booking confirmation we do not refund prepayment for booking. We do not guarantee that rental company will return payment for car rental service. Refund procedure for early vehicle return will occur exactly as mentioned in rental contract between you and car rental company

+-5 Rent Price and Deposit

5.1 Price guarantee

Website Administration makes every effort to guarantee that the prices on the Website are
current and valid. In case of any inaccuracies or additional information from the Supplier,
the Administration is obliged to inform the client without any further delay.

5.2 Deposit

Many Suppliers require deposit to cover the cost of petrol and other risks related to the
rent. On the basis of the agreement on the use of petrol and other conditions of the
Supplier, You should return the vehicle in due time and in the state, according to the
agreement. In many cases, you may also submit your credit card data, which should
correspond to the vehicle driver’s data.

Client is fully responsible for providing to the Supplier valid payment card with the ability to
block the deposit and driver's license, valid in a country where car rental services are used.
In case of violation of these terms, booking prepayment will not be refunded. Contact the
bank that issued your payment card and make sure that your payment card supports
blocking deposit.

5.3 Booking downpayment

Administration charges its customers only and exclusively for booking and is not liable for payments that occur between customer and third party, for example if customer buys additional options offered by third party at the time of vehicle pick-up.

5.4 Recurring payments

By submitting booking you agree that administration has rights to save credit card data and use recurring transactions to charge additional payment if booking price is changed as a result of booking amendments. Administration is responsible to contact you by email regarding all amendments that occur.

+-6 Intellectual Property Rights

The term “Intellectual Property Rights” means patents, trademarks, copyrights, database
rights, trade labels, confidential information, as well as the look and functions of the
Website and any similar proprietary interests around the world, regardless of whether they
are registered or not.

All general, proprietary and equity rights are owned by the owners, and are protected by
intellectual property laws. You shall agree not to share, decompile, redesign or otherwise
modify the Website.

+-7 Promotions, Contests and Advertising

7.1 Terms and conditions for certain actions

Administration provides additional terms and conditions for certain actions on the Website,
including promotions, contests organized by us and/or Suppliers. These Terms are part of
the additional terms and conditions provided in relation to any marketing action.

7.2 Third-party advertisements

Administration is not responsible for any third-party advertisements appearing on the
Website. We do not confirm the correctness, do not provide any statements or warranties
in relation to any goods or services of the advertiser, presented on the Website, or on its
website, as well as do not take responsibility for its commercial offers, goods or services.

+-8 Exclusion of Liability and Liability Limitations

8.1 Terms and Confidentiality

Services on the Website, as well as Terms and Confidentiality shall not be part of your
agreement with the Supplier, and shall not affect (either directly or indirectly) the
performance of the provisions of your contract or agreement with the Supplier, and shall
not affect the disputes that may arise as a result of the agreement or contract with the
Supplier. Administration is not responsible for any costs that may arise by concluding
additional agreements with the Supplier.

8.2 Car rental supplier quality

Risks related to the quality, accuracy, compliance, completeness, correctness and validity of
any materials and conditions of the Supplier available on the Website, are liable to the
Supplier. Administration is not liable for the accuracy and modification of the information
provided by the Supplier on the Website.

8.3 Voucher Information

Information on the voucher, provided by the Administration, guarantees the receipt of the
car of the selected class, but does not guarantee the receipt of the particular make or
model of the car. Particular make or model of the car will be provided only if it is available.

8.4 Customer Responsibilities

The user of the Website and the Services is solely responsible for the accuracy and validity
of the specified data and incurrence of additional costs, if the specified data or information
was incorrect.

Administration is not responsible for the occurrence of additional costs in the process of
currency conversion at the time of effecting a payment by the means of foreign payment
cards and funds.

+-9 Guarantee of Release from Liability

You shall agree to provide legal protection to shield the Administration, its employees,
representatives and Suppliers from all damages and losses, including reasonable legal
expenses incurred as a result of Your violation of any provision of these Terms of Use. We
reserve the rights at our own expense to provide the exclusive protection and control of
any matter for which You are obliged to shield us from any liability, and in this case You
shall agree to cooperate with us in the framework of defence in court or potential lawsuit.

+-10 Appeals and Cessation of Use

10.1 Appeals and complaints

Administration accepts appeals on the use of Services and provided services by the
Supplier within 30 days after the end of the rent term. If the appeal covers act or omission
of the Supplier, the Administration is obliged to inform and advise you on the possible
steps you can take.

10.2 Cessation of Use

We reserve the rights to terminate your use of the Website and to block You from any
future use of the Website if you have violated any provision of the Terms or law from our
point of view